Why Pathfinder Strategic Solutions?

Our collective experience of over 50 years in financial services provides true insight into the world advisors face today. Members of our team have served in the roles of Financial Advisor, Branch and Complex Manager, and have home office experience in Executive Management and Corporate Strategy. From this first-hand involvement, we provide special insight and expertise as we work with Financial Advisors, Independent Advisors, RIAs, Broker-Dealers, TAMPs, Custodians and Asset Managers.

Our approach in helping you develop your ideal business is grounded in our client-focused philosophy and guided by our defined process. First, we help you define your vision for what is ideal for you. Then we analyze your business and develop the plan and strategies to implement and support you to the finish line.

We do not believe in getting caught up in what’s “hot” or what’s “working now.” Rather, we partner with you to define YOUR ideal business and then guide you to achieve your client-focused practice or advisor-focused business.


We believe:

  • The best approach for managing and growing a strong business is to start with a clearly defined vision of your ideal business, and then develop & implement a strategic plan to achieve it.
  • The perspective or viewpoint of the client is the lens through which every decision should be examined.
  • Everything you say and do, and everything you don’t say and do, communicates a message. Make certain it’s the message you intend.

We don’t believe:

  • There is one perfect way to run a successful, client-focused practice or advisor-focused business or in getting caught up in what’s “hot” or what’s “working now.”


  1. Define your vision – if you could build your perfect business over the next 3-5 years, what would it look like?
  2. Analyze your current business – determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges
  3. Develop your strategy & plan – define and prioritize the strategies and initiatives it will take to get you to where you want to be
  4. Implement & support – all the guidance and help you need to turn your vision into reality