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Show Them Who You Are!

Last week we wrote that one key to success with community involvement is joining a group that you would join if even if you weren’t a financial advisor. Another key to success is finding ways to demonstrate the characteristics that people value in a financial advisor.  What are those characteristics?  Here are a few: Good communication skills Pleasant demeanor Care and concern for others Honesty/trustworthiness Willingness and ability to get things done When others observe those characteristics in your community involvement, they’ll assume that’s what they would see in you as […]

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Community Involvement – Finding Your Place

Community involvement can be one of the easiest ways to grow your network.  Rather than reaching out to new prospects one by one, getting involved with community organizations connects you with groups of people with similar interests. The key is to get involved with groups that you would join even if you weren’t a financial advisor.  If your heart’s not in it, it’ll show. I’m loosely defining “group” as an entity where there’s a unifying purpose.  It doesn’t have to be a purpose with a capital “P.”  Rather, something as […]

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Building Strong COI Relationships

Just like any other type of relationship, building rapport with centers of influence takes time and attention. Begin by getting to know them. The more genuine interest you demonstrate in them, the more likely they will want to get to know and understand you. Ask them to meet you for coffee, for lunch or for a drink. See if you have common interests and personal chemistry. Ask about their business. Find out how they became successful. People love to tell their stories and give advice. Give them that opportunity. Ask […]

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What Your COI Needs to Know

In last week’s post, Unconventional Centers of Influence, guest contributor Bob David shared some out-of-the-box thinking about centers of influence.  Essentially, anyone who comes into regular contact with your niche could potentially become a center of influence. Once you’ve identified some of these COIs, the next question is, what do you want the COI to know about you? The three most important items are: Who you help How you help them What to do next First, you need to share who you help, and details really do matter.  Don’t just […]

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Unconventional Centers of Influence

Note: As we begin a three-part series on centers of influence, we are pleased to welcome our friend and colleague Bob David ( as our guest contributor. Are you an advisor frustrated with the results you’re getting from networking with traditional centers of influence (COIs) such as CPAs and attorneys? If you said “yes” to that question, rest assured you’re not alone. Over the years we’ve been taught that the best referrals will most likely come from CPAs and attorneys because they deal in areas that give them a front-row […]

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New Hire Not Working Out?

Has this ever happened to you? After hours spent finding just the right person for that support staff spot you needed to fill, and especially after you think you have clearly outlined your expectations, you move forward with hiring them and boom! You begin to see a pattern of late arrivals and other signs that cause you to wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” This happened to one of our clients recently. They decided to work with a temp agency to find a new support person on a “rent-to-own” basis. […]

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How Confident Are Your Clients About Their Future?

Clients come to us because they care about planning for their future. Although they know—or so we hope—that no financial planner knows exactly what the future will bring, there are several ways we can help increase their confidence. Help your clients develop a clear vision for their future. One of our advisor/clients spends an entire meeting focused solely on helping his clients define a detailed description of their ideal future, after which he prepares a narrative for them that becomes part of their plan. The level of detail helps maintain […]

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How Transparent Do Your Clients Perceive You to Be?

The word “transparency” is used a lot in our business, generally referring to fees, and of course, we have to be open about describing what we charge for planning, investing and other services we may provide. But transparency is important in other areas, as well. The key is never to let your client be surprised. Provide and discuss your fee schedule. Make certain your clients understand exactly what they are paying for and how much. Explain the risks and rewards for any course of action you recommend. Just about everything […]

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How Have You Made Things Easy for Your Clients?

Let’s face it. Your clients are busy people. That’s why they need you! While they recognize the importance of planning for their financial future, they hired you because they know they don’t have the time or the desire to do it on their own. So, how can you cut through the clutter for your clients? Simplify the complex. For example, when talking about how your clients can plan for potential long-term care expenses, you could put together a simple chart that outlines the various options they have: denial (obviously not […]

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How Well Do Your Clients Believe They Are Heard And Understood?

Have you ever been around someone who was multi-tasking when he or she should have been listening? Too often, we’re in a rush, or eager to make our own point, or sometimes we just get distracted – and we don’t appear to be really listening at all. How can you make sure your clients feel heard and understood? Take careful notes. One practice describes their focus to clients like this: “At our initial meeting, we bring nothing but a pen, some paper and our curiosity.” Another practice uses a dedicated […]

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